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Factors to Consider While Selecting a Fume Hood

You've probably seen a Fume hood in a laboratories and research centers, but do you know how fume hoods functions and what it is used for? It is worthwhile to give careful consideration to choosing the best Fume Hood for your needs because a decent Fume hood will last for many years of rigorous use every day.

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How to Use and Maintain Your Laboratory Balance

In Laboratories, Research centres, molecular Biology, Genetics etc. We need to follow formulation or to know our weight of the samples for that we require the instrument and that instrument is known as BALANCE. When Working in laboratories or research Center the quantity of the sample can be small, precise or sometimes we require sample in large quantity for that proper balance is required and we can help you to guide to buy best analytical balance.

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What Type of Biological Safety Cabinet You need?

Biological safety cabinet is used to protect personnel against infectious and Biohazardous agents and to maintain the control of airflow during the experiment as it filters the inflow and exhausted air. Without knowing the type of safety cabinet and how it works and taking care of precautions during the experiment, work would be dangerous and time consumable.

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