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Labstac USA is a laboratory, scientific and medical equipment company specializes in manufacturing, supplies and export of highest-quality of laboratory equipment in 34+ countries and have a wide network of distributors in American, European, Gulf and South Asian region.

We specialize in Biosafety Cabinet, Centrifuges, Autoclaves, Freezers, Fume-hoods, Chambers, Incubators, Ice Makers, Water purification systems, Hospital Beds, other medical and lab supplies. Various quality test and control of equipment is made to assures you that we do not believe in compromising the quality and adhere to various International standards.

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Global Food Industries Entrust Moisture Analyzers for Reliable Results

The food industry relies heavily on Moisture Analyzers during all stages of food research and development, processing, and packaging, without compromising safety and quality. Maintaining the right level of moisture is critical for food industries to ensure the product's shelf life, also balancing the food's freshness, flavors, and quality. Therefore, a Moisture Analyzer is one of the widely used measurements in food labs for testing food samples.

Explore the Microscopic World with Biological Microscope

Microscopes have made tremendous progress in the discoveries of life science, from bacteriology to immunology, with an aim to explore everything on a microscopic scale. Generally, Microscopes are optical instruments that allow the researcher to view a microbial world that is too small to be seen by the naked eye.

Do’s and Don’ts while using a Water Bath

A water bath is an indispensable instrument in any laboratory. As the name suggests the instrument is filled with water to heat the samples. The samples can be incubated in it over a long period of time. There are various types of water bath.It provides a uniform amount of heat to samples. They are utilized by many different organizations including in the commercial and non-commercial sectors, such as the pharmaceutical, clinical research, healthcare sectors, Biotechnology and Molecular Biology. This column consists of the steps to use a water bath, precautions needed to follow and its applications.

How Autoclaves ease the process of Steam Sterilization in the Research Labs

Autoclaving is a dependable method of sterilizing in Medical, Dental, Research Labs, Chemical labs, and pharmaceutical settings. The high heat and pressure ensure the equipment used is well-cleaned and sterilized to be used to conduct experiments, surgeries, and research. It is vital to ensure the potency and purity of future lab tests.

How to Use and Maintain Your Laboratory Balance

In Laboratories, Research centres, molecular Biology, Genetics etc. We need to follow formulation or to know our weight of the samples for that we require the instrument and that instrument is known as BALANCE. When Working in laboratories or research Center the quantity of the sample can be small, precise or sometimes we require sample in large quantity for that proper balance is required and we can help you to guide to buy best analytical balance.

Factors to Consider While Selecting a Fume Hood

You've probably seen a Fume hood in a laboratories and research centers, but do you know how fume hoods functions and what it is used for? It is worthwhile to give careful consideration to choosing the best Fume Hood for your needs because a decent Fume hood will last for many years of rigorous use every day.

Rising Demand for Centrifuge in Medical Aesthetics

Research studies have shown boosting factors in Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and high-molecular protein fibrin (PRF) are used to speed up the healing process in patients. This led to several developments in centrifugation technology to enhance the procedure for large-scale clinical applications.

Accuracy of Cell Cultures highly Inclined on Lab Incubators

Incubators have traditionally been crucial to study for most microbiological cultures or cell cultures. Generally, the functioning of these incubators is to maintain a constant temperature with additional features that also control humidity, Co2, and oxygen content inside the Incubators. It is also useful for testing the stability of products under various conditions such as refrigeration and shaking.

Why do Hospital Beds need to Follow Clinical Guidelines?

Hospital beds are designed for the vital care of patients in healthcare facilities with an ability to withstand extreme temperatures; also, easy to sterilize and capable of being used in a variety of circumstances. Our beds are manufactured with premium quality components in compliance with clinical standards. Built with the finest quality stainless steel with corrosion resistance to provide a safe and ergonomic design for comfort and ease to use.

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